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K-8th Grades

Spencer Christian School offers a complete K-8th grade education

Spencer Christian desires to offer your family an affordable, Christian educational option.

  • Small class sizes of up to 16 students
  • Experienced, qualified, Christ-following teacher
  • Curriculum Includes:  Bible, phonics, handwriting, literature, mathematics, foreign language, science and social studies (meeting all the state curriculum requirements)
  • Partial-Week:  all classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Kindergarten hours  9:00 – 2:00, 1st – 8th grade hours 9:00 – 3:30

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Reading, writing, spelling, and arithmetic are
the foundation upon which the tower of learning is built and are given the
highest priority in K-2. The basic skills, work habits, and attitudes formed in
the primary years are of crucial importance.

Phonics and Reading
Phonics is the system of letter-sound association taught to children for the
purposes of learning to read and spell. Phonics is most effective when taught
systematically, thoroughly, intensely, and in a logical and time-tested
sequence. Kindergarten phonics is taught
using Memoria Press’ First Start Reading curriculum.

Phonics and spelling continue in 1st and 2nd
grades with Spelling Workout. In first grade
students continue to develop reading comprehension with whole books which
captivate and motivate children and are preferred over basal readers. Teachers
monitor student reading skills through daily oral reading. First graders read
children’s classics such as Little Bear,
Caps For Sale, The Story About Ping, Billy and Blaze, etc. using
Memoria Press’ StoryTime Treasures
and More StoryTime Treasures study
guides. Second graders read The Courage of Sarah Noble, Little House in the Big
Woods, and four Beatrix Potter stories (Peter
Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny,
Tom Kitten, and Johnny Town-Mouse). Spelling,
penmanship, composition, and vocabulary lessons for each book are provided by
our Memoria Press Study Guides.

Spelling and Printing

Copybook is an exercise consisting of copying sayings, maxims, Scripture, and poetry in the student’s best handwriting. Copybook is an important step in developing good penmanship, punctuation, and spelling. Habits of good penmanship are instilled early and required at every grade level by every teacher. The discipline of neat and legible handwriting is an aid to spelling and instills the value of accurate, careful work – an important academic skill that carries over into every aspect of learning. In the 1st grade, students continue to practice manuscript printing while also beginning cursive script with Memoria Press’s New American Cursive program. After the Holidays students in 2nd grade are encouraged to write strictly in cursive, reinforcing their penmanship with the completion of New American Cursive 2.

Number formation, counting, time, calendar, measurement, and money are the skills of
K-2, along with mastery of addition and subtraction facts through 5′s in
Kindergarten, 10′s in First Grade, and multiplication facts (1,2,5,10′s) in
Second Grade. Students learn number sense by skip counting, games, and drills,
all of which make math time enjoyable and help students achieve immediate recall of math facts – the
primary goal in K-2. Rod and Staff’s Arithmetic 1 & 2 serve as the K, 1, 2 textbooks.

Geography, History, and Science
Students work with maps and globes to learn continents, oceans, and major
countries. In science, students learn about the planets and seasons. Using a weekly read-aloud literature
selection, teachers develop activities to encourage a child’s natural
creativity and curiosity.

Christian Studies, Music and Art
In Christian Studies students read or listen to Bible stories and memorize and
copy Bible verses and prayers. Students
attend chapel services each Wednesday where they meet the Heroes of the Bible
as Spencer Christian Church staff members present the Bible in story. Students draw and color every day in their
composition books where they illustrate copybook verses, poems, and composition
lessons. In art appreciation, students learn about an artist and study an art
masterwork every month.

Physical Education
Students have Physical Education or recess every day. P.E. provides 30 minutes
of rigorous exercise as well as opportunities to play childhood games. Our P.E. instructor works to develop basic motor and motion skills,
such as running, skipping, running backwards, flexibility, as well as
sportsmanship and team play. On days when students do not have P.E., they have
recess in the gym or out back on our lovely Spencer County

Our 3rd through 8th grade classes continue to reinforce the important academic and social skills emphasized in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades:

  • Quality written work completed in a timely manner
  • Legible penmanship and accurate spelling
  • Speed and accuracy in arithmetic
  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition
  • Memorization of Scripture
  • Appropriate classroom behavior
  • Discipline and self-control
  • Good manners and respect for adults and classmates

Students learn from well-designed materials, high quality content, and teacher-directed lessons. Classrooms are quiet, disciplined, and orderly, with minimal visual distractions. Students are motivated to work and learn because they are led by knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers. Students work hard and are rewarded every day with breaks for physical exercise, drawing, and review games.

Curriculum Overview:
Saxon Mathematics uses a spiral review approach to mathematics instruction for 3rd-8th grades.

The God’s Design series science curriculum covers life science, earth science, physical science, chemistry and ecology. God’s Design authors Debbie and Richard Lawrence approach science from a biblical worldview, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us and showing how real science supports biblical authority and the Genesis account of creation. Published by Answers in Genesis

The very best in English literature and poetry are taught in depth using Memoria Press study guides. During their time in 3rd-8th grade, children will read a variety of classic literature such as Heidi, Charlotte’s Web, Treasure Island, Robin Hood, The Hobbit, and Robinson Crusoe. Students also benefit from grammar and composition instruction from quality classical Memoria Press curriculum.

Geography focuses on states, capitals, and world geography while History focuses on the major time periods of history beginning with Ancient Civilizations continuing through America and Modern History. Students benefit from the biographical approach of ABEKA publishers.

Students complete four cycles of Latin study, beginning in 2nd grade. Again, Memoria Press’ acclaimed Latin curriculum, written and perfected by the staff of Highlands Latin School, grows students in their knowledge of Latin vocabulary and grammar. Students will complete the following courses: Prima Latina, Latina Christiana I & II, and First Form Latin.

In Christian Studies students learn all major Bible stories, focus on Scripture memorization and are gently guided through a knowledge of God’s salvation History. ABEKA Bible Flash-A-Cards provide visual stimulation to the facts and faith of Scripture.


All lessons are teacher directed. Students are given ample time to complete classroom assignments, which are carefully monitored so that students learn to do quality written work in a timely fashion.

Weekend Work:
1. Math review problems (all instruction occurs in class) and take-home math quizzes.
2. Grammar, spelling, composition and/or Latin lesson review.
3. Study for exams: such as Spelling test, Latin vocabulary test, and 1-2 others each week in subject areas above.
4. Reading (Reading/rereading literature, Bible reading and reading for pleasure)
5. Projects: There will be occasional projects in the sciences and social studies.

In an effort to make a private, Christian education affordable for more families, Spencer Christian has chosen the following tuition and fee schedule for the 2019/2020 school year:

Kindergarten Registration Fee $200 Invoiced at time of registration (nonrefundable)
Kindergarten Annual Tuition $2940 Due in 12 monthly installments of $245/each.
1st-8th Grade Registration Fee $250 Invoiced at time of registration (nonrefundable)
1st-8th Grade Annual Tuition $4020 Due in 12 monthly installments of $335/each.

These fees include all books, supplies, etc.

Kindergarten/Elementary tuition begins in June. Parents/Guardians will need to submit June, July and August’s payments during the summer months while school is not in session. The school chose to distribute the annual tuition among 12 months to make the monthly payment lower.
**Financial assistance available. Please email Heidi at for an application.
***A 4% discount is available to families paying the annual amount in one lump sum.
****A sibling discount is available in the sum of $50/child (for 2nd+ child in each family) per month.

As a parent/guardian, you may be wondering how a child’s education can be accomplished in less than a normal 5-day school week. The following information may be helpful as you answer that question:
The main academic objectives of the elementary years can be achieved in reduced time by eliminating unnecessary interruptions to the school day (assemblies, special guests, fundraisers, elective classes, etc.). We strongly believe that individualized attention at school and at home can accomplish goals that cannot be achieved in a large classroom setting.
Our reduced academic week has these advantages:

  • Lowers tuition and makes a private, Christian education affordable for more families
  • Maintains parents as primary influence during this crucial time of development by increasing time spent at home and reducing time spent with peers
  • Reduces absenteeism by providing free days for doctor/dentist and other appointments
  • Eliminates the “Sunday night blues” by providing Monday/Friday as a day for reading/homework assignments

Added support will be offered to parents of K-8th grade students. A mantadory introductory session will be held during the first month of school. The school director and the child’s classroom teacher will guide parents as you supplement your child’s education on Mondays and Fridays.