Peek into a SCP classroom and you’ll undoubtedly
see students having a lot of fun. 


But they are also building the foundation necessary
to excel academically and thrive socially.
Each component of the SCP program is focused on helping children
develop during this
important stage of learning.


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A Parent’s Perspective…3/20/09
“I want to brag on Ms.M  for a minute. I had to take my son to be evaluated for kindergarten today. They let me watch as they asked him questions, made patterns with blocks, etc., all stuff I am sure you are familiar with being a teacher. I just wanted to tell you that I can really see how much he has learned this year. Ms. M has done a great job with my son. I will be honest, I was shocked at how much he knew and what he could do. Things I know she has worked with them on. I am very thankful that she was his teacher.”  Julie H. mother of 4 year old student